Taste Experiences

Dario Abbate

Kitchen consultant – Castel di Verona

For those who love their land, it is a commitment and an honour to translate it faithfully onto the plate. To choose TQB is to choose the feeling of cooking at home, anywhere.

Angelo Aglianò

Chef Tosca di Angelo – Hong Kong

In the kitchen, we tell the story of Sicily. The precious search for products selected by Giuseppe makes us proud ambassadors of our land throughout the world.

Fabio Bragagnolo

Chef Casa del Mar – Porto vecchio

Making Sicilian cuisine in Corsica means bringing scents and colours from island to island. TQB’s selections are a certainty of quality and it is up to us to make poetry of them.

Carmelo Chiaramonte

Chef Caro Melo Osteria Rituale – Donnalucata

A rich larder makes skilled craftsmen of taste. TQB perfectly sums up that quality and research that restores joy and purity to the art of cooking.

Fratelli Lebano

Chef Excelsior hotel Gallia – Milano

Cooking is like taking a trip of a lifetime: TQB is the perfect compass to stay anchored in Sicilian excellence without losing your passion for discovery.

Stefano Mazzone

Chef The Taste of Quisisana – Capri

The value of a dish is never a question of economics, but the combination of quality, refinement and selection. Certainties that can only be found in the wonders of TQB.

Sergio Mei Tomasi

Consulente di cucina – Milano

A mix of passion, magic and professionalism: Tanto Quanto Basta holds high the value of the territory, and supports it with commitment, selecting only the best products.

Sebastiano Spriveri

Chef Four Seasons Hotel – Kuwait

To make real Italian cuisine abroad you have to be uncompromising, in the search for products and in the preparation. Giuseppe is an indispensable guarantee.

Massimo Tringali

Chef Emporio Armani Caffè e Ristorante – Parigi

To offer haute Italian cuisine in Paris, you need excellent raw materials, a guarantee found in TQB: our 2018 Michelin star also belongs to them.